Feature Pet: Kiki

January 3, 2018

This sad-eyed girl is KIKI. KIKI first came to GTHS back in January of 2017. That’s right, one whole year ago. KIKI found a home briefly in early 2017, but unfortunately the poor girl found herself back at the shelter after a few months. This beautiful, black kitty is 4 years old and has the SOFTEST fur you’ve ever felt.
KIKI is NOT a fan of the Main Cat Room here at GTHS, but while we were closed over the holidays, KIKI was allowed to roam the shelter lobby and wow, what a change!! This grumpy Main Room girl became the sweetest, cuddliest, most affectionate little cat, who would follow you around the shelter like a little puppy dog. KIKI is so deserving of a home of her own. She’s been without a family for far too long and would make an incredible companion for a lucky person or family.
No room in your home for a fur-friend? No problem! You can still help KIKI by sharing this post. Let’s hope this new year brings a new start for KIKI in a home of her own!
For more information on KIKI, please email catadoptions@gths.ca or come by the shelter and visit her in person!