GTHS Wishlist Items

Items We Currently Need Most

For Our Dogs:

  • “Adopt Me” Vest for dogs
  • WET dog food and WET puppy food
  • Natural Balance Semi-Moist Sausage Rolls
  • Canned pumpkin (no sugar added)
  • Easy Walker Harnesses
  • Pill Pockets
  • Dogs We Love Meatloaf
  • Kong toys (Large & X Large)
  • Lavender, chamomile, valerian or dog-appeasing pheromones (DAP) plug ins
  • Disc player to plug into our receiver
  • Doggy Peanut Butter
  • Martingale collars for Dogs
  • Agility equipment for dogs
  • Nylon lunge leashes
  • Chuck It Balls
  • Squeaky Toys
  • Tether Tug Dog Toy – $90

Treats: Our dogs LOOOVE all-natural type dog treats including:

  • Dog cookies from Dogs We Love in Collingwood
  • Crumps Naturals (or dehydrated type treats)
  • Pacific or Natural Balance dehydrated fish filets

For Our Cats/Kittens:

  • Wet/Canned Cat food – Pate type
  • Wet/Canned Kitten food – Pate type
  • Tuna / Salmon
  • Kitten Milk Replacement or Baby Cat Milk (comes in tall cans, not the Whiskas version)
  • Baby chicken food / chicken broth
  • Feliway – spray bottles
  • Cat Treats (ie. temptations!)
  • Catnip
  • Cat Toys: Sprongs (our kittens LOVE these!), balls, laser lights etc


Cleaning products: windex, laundry soap, dish soap, toilet paper, paper towel
*The GTHS does not use bleach as a cleaning product in the shelter. We kindly ask that bleach is not donated as we are unable to use it. ~ thank you

Other Items on the Wish List

  • Box Beds
  • Jolly Balls
  • Cheese Whiz
  • Rescue Remedy
  • GIFT CARDS: Gas, Canadian Tire, Walmart, Grocery Stores, Pet Stores, TSC etc!


  • Live Traps
  • 3 or 4 Step Ladder Animal Care $50 – $70
  • Mobile display cages (x2) Adoption – offsite $750
  • Adoption Team Equipment Adoption – offsite $250
  • Stainless Steel Kennels (x8) Animal Care $10,000
  • 5′ x 6′ Dry Erase White Board Administration/Animal Care $200 each
  • Goose Neck Pull Down Faucets (x3) Animal Care $180 each
  • Cat Scales (x2) Used on a daily basis to keep track of animal weights $175 each
  • LCD Projector – $1,000

GTHS is proud to launch a small enrichment program for our cats and dogs. Shelter enrichment helps to reduce stress and increase welfare in our new and long-term residents. Donations are being gratefully received for this program.

Feline Enrichment Wishlist:

  • Feliway Spray
  • Catnip
  • Cat toys or interactive cat toys
  • Tuna/Salmon
  • Laser lights
  • Cat brushes (soft and hard)

Interactive cat toys may include items like:
plastic rings where there is a ball inside and they can push it around, a toy that makes them do something to be rewarded with a treat (open a compartment, push a ball along the floor etc). Interactive toys that are rubber or plastic are great, as we can sanitize them.

Canine Enrichment Wishlist:

  • Bosco and Roxy’s frozen treats, interactive toys
  • Natural Balance Semi-Moist Sausage Rolls (lots!)
  • Adaptil Pheromone Spray for Dogs
  • Stuffed Toys/Animals (ideally without plastic parts aka eyes, whiskers, etc)
  • Rescue Remedy

Interactive dog toys may include items like:
Kongs, Kong Bones – where you can hide a treat, a toy that makes them do something to be rewarded with a treat. Interactive toys that are rubber or plastic are great, as we can sanitize them.