Humane Education Program

What is Humane Education?

The goal of our Humane Education Program at GTHS is to teach students about the special relationship humans have with companion animals, recognizing that we share many of the same physical and emotional needs.

Concepts taught in our comprehensive program promote and encourage further development of important character and life-building skills including empathy, sensitivity, responsibility, respect, compassion and kindness to all living beings.

Our exciting Humane Education Program is aligned with the Ontario curriculum and supports a vast amount of research which clearly shows that integrating humane education into the classroom can lead to reductions in school violence and bullying, while supporting moral development and instilling a sense of responsibility for others, both animals and people.

Contact Karen Marsh, our Humane Education Coordinator or you can call us at (705) 445-5204 for more information.

  • The History Of Pets And Humans
  • Our Emotional Intelligence And Pet Communication
  • Violence Prevention And Fostering Compassion
  • Field Trip To The GTHS
  • The Adoption Process
  • And Much More
Beginning November 13th, 2017
Taking place at the Collingwood Youth Centre.
Visit or call 705-444-0332 to register.


Our Humane Education Program provides lessons, presentations, and information for schools. All lessons are level specific and cover a range of topics. Information is provided in a non-biased atmosphere that encourages creativity and free thought. It is our primary objective to demonstrate a measurable change in students’ social and emotional skills as they learn more about animal welfare and responsible pet ownership . We use accurate information and authentic sources to foster critical thinking and problem solving skills. It is important to note that this is not simply an add but a viable program that meets a variety of curriculum expectations using a human lens and real lessons. We teach compassion for animals through:

  • Classroom Lessons
  • Outreach Education
  • Co-op Student Placements
  • 40 Hour Volunteer Community Hour Fulfillment
  • Field Trips to the Shelter


Collingwood Youth Centre
Our Humane Education Program has partnered with the Collingwood Youth Centre to offer a series of workshops geared toward youth ages 13-16. These certification courses offer a unique opportunity for adolescents to develop a sense of compassion and a sense of justice and respect for the value of all living things. Through a program dedicated to animal welfare, participants will learn first about their own perception and treatment of animals and then how to develop a sense of self and social responsibility through hands on activities involving animals. This program features field trips to the Georgian Triangle Humane Society. Upon completion of this exciting series of workshops, students will be presented with a Junior Animal Welfare Certificate in recognition of their newly acquired abilities to resolve conflict, make responsible choices at home and in their social lives, and ultimately make a meaningful difference in their community.18. Participants will earn a Junior Animal Welfare Certificate upon completion.)

Summer Camps at GTHS


To learn more, contact Karen Marsh, our Humane Education Coordinator
or you can call us at (705) 445-5204