GTHS Dog School

The Georgian Triangle Humane Society Dog School was developed to provide canine educational opportunities to dog owners in the Georgian Triangle area. Canine learning helps to strengthen dog-guardian bonds, build trust and promote successful relationships. The GTHS Dog School offers affordable opportunities through group obedience classes and interactive, certified workshops. All proceeds from the GTHS Dog School go towards helping homeless or abandoned dogs in the Georgian Triangle area.

Why We Use Relationship Based Training

By Best Friends’ behaviour consultants

The dog trainers and behaviour consultants at The Georgian Triangle Humane Society have found that animal training built on a trusting relationship is the most kind — and also the most effective — method of training. When you have a trusting, cooperative relationship with an animal (whether it’s a dog, cat, parrot, horse or other animal), you have its respect, and he’ll want to spend time with you and work with you. The Georgian Triangle Humane Society does not stand behind training methods that use excessive force, threats, fear, intimidation, pain or dominance. Training based on such aversive methods damages any sort of trusting relationship you might develop with the animal.

Relationship-based training is effective for either teaching new behaviors or changing current behavior for any physically and mentally healthy animal. By reinforcing behaviors you like and want to continue seeing, you set the animal up for success. Regardless of an animal’s age and past experiences, such ethical training methods give the animal the best chance for living happily and comfortably in our hectic human world.

It is also important to understand that every interaction is a learning experience, so every time you interact with your pets you are training them, whether or not you intend to. Relationship-based training is a lifestyle — a constant dialog with your pets, rather than a one-way issuing of commands that only occurs in structured training sessions. So instead of waiting for the occasional chance to work on modifying the animal’s behavior, it’s better to be aware of every opportunity to arrange your pet’s environment to reinforce the behaviors you want.

Dog Obedience Group Classes

Overview: Dog Obedience Group Classes
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Canine Workshops & Seminars

Overview: Canine Workshops & Seminars
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Lead Training Consultant

Courtney Hancock is the Dog Behaviour and Program Coordinator with the Georgian Triangle Humane Society. Courtney comes to GTHS with over 10 years experience working with animals and 6 years experience working as a Canine Behaviour Consultant. With her extensive background in dog behaviour, Courtney is able to give tips and techniques on how to address minor behavioural concerns during Obedience classes.


How to Register

To register, email the GTHS Dog School or call 705-445-5204 ext 221

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