Host A Third Party Fundraiser

The Georgian Triangle Humane Society is fortunate for the support of people and organizations across the Georgian Triangle Area. Often, people spend their own time, money, and effort organizing a fundraiser to benefit our shelter. These fundraisers vary in type and size, but can include lemonade stands, car washes, bake sales, jeans days and more!

If you are a business interested in organizing and hosting your own event to benefit GTHS – THANK YOU! We kindly ask that you review our policies & procedures, complete a third party fundraising form and email a copy to After submitting the third party fundraising form, you will be contacted by a GTHS staff member to confirm further details.


We ask that anyone hosting a fundraiser benefiting the Georgian Triangle Humane Society abide by the following guidelines:

Before you begin planning your third party fundraiser, please contact the Development & Administrative Supervisor to discuss your idea ( or 705-445-5204 ext 228).

Many events/activities will require a written agreement. If so, it will be approved, signed by both parties and a copy shall be kept on record by GTHS. All event/activity organizers must fill out a Third Party Fundraising Form. GTHS will review all completed forms in the order they are received.

Please use our correct name, the Georgian Triangle Humane Society, in all advertising and promotion and include our correct address, phone number, and website address. Our logo can be made available for your use upon request. Please email for a logo file.

Anyone wishing to organize an event or collect items/cash donations to help GTHS must be under the guidance of someone 19 years of age or older.

Third party initiatives cannot be presented or publicized as being run by the Georgian Triangle Humane Society.

The Third Party Fundraiser shall be solely responsible for all event-related costs. GTHS will not be held responsible for any costs incurred by Third Party Fundraiser and/or suppliers. GTHS must receive a list of targeted sponsors, businesses, groups, etc, for your project before they are approached to minimize overlap with other campaigns. If you intend to use photographs depicting images of animals or images related to animal welfare to promote or raise funds for GTHS, they must be approved by GTHS prior to release. Any contact with the press, media or promotion of your event must be coordinated with the Resource Development Coordinator. GTHS will promote your event on our Facebook page, Website, Blog and Events Calendar.

GTHS will not associate with businesses, organizations or individuals known to conduct themselves in a manner incompatible with its mission/mandate.

GTHS does not condone actions by third party fundraisers that are illegal or detrimental to the image of GTHS. This includes any activity or materials that cause or promote cruelty, neglect or the denigration of animals. Such activities will result in the immediate Contact/Organizer Name withdrawal and disassociation of GTHS from the event or initiative.

GTHS has the right and responsibility to decline any sponsorship, gift or other payment that is contrary to its mission or ability to administer under existing policies and by-laws. All monies must be turned over to GTHS within 10 days, or as specified in agreement. If you plan to issue tax receipts, this must be discussed with GTHS no later than two weeks prior to the event. Official tax receipts will only be issued in accordance with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Guidelines: Receipts will be issued for the maximum allowable amount as determined by CRA. GTHS only issues tax receipts for amounts of $20 or more. Tax receipts can and will only be issued when the Third Party Fundraiser provides the full name, mailing address, and taxable amount to GTHS in an organized fashion. The final decision to issue official tax receipts rests with GTHS.

Funds solicited on behalf of GTHS are tax-deductible only when it is made directly and entirely to GTHS.

Fundraisers must fully and truthfully state the portion of the proceeds which will be donated to the GTHS in all advertising, promotions and in all contact with donors, sponsors, and participants.

NOTE: This information must be made specific and clear at your event/activity itself. GTHS is sponsored by various businesses and organizations and therefore has certain commitments. We will not be able to involve ourselves with all event ideas presented. GTHS will consider each event individually. Generally, the following will not be supported:

‐ Events falling in close proximity to a GTHS event

‐ Events/activities that require the use of GTHS staff and/or volunteers

‐ Events/activities that ask GTHS to sell items, tickets, coupons, etc. Should you be
selling tickets for your event, we can assist with event awareness and general
promotions (as outlined above), however we will not sell items/tickets etc

‐ Events/activities that are the same or similar to those held by GTHS)

‐ Corporations/businesses/groups or individuals who choose to ignore GTHS’ Third
Party Fundraising guidelines and/or refuse to work out a mutual
contract/agreement with GTHS

GTHS may be requested to participate in Third Party Fundraisers by bringing and hosting an information table (hand out information about the organization, collect donations etc). This depends on manpower, if other events are already scheduled, and if we have the resources available for the time requested. NOTE: A formal request, with FULL event details, must be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the event date. Requests submitted after this date may not be filled due to scheduling and manpower requirements. Requests can be submitted to

GTHS may be requested to bring animals to a Third Party Fundraiser. This depends on manpower, the event set-up (location, weather etc) and typically cannot be confirmed until a few days prior to the event. A formal request must be submitted, with FULL event details, no later than two weeks prior to the event date. Requests submitted after this date may not be filled due to scheduling and manpower requirements. Requests can be submitted to

It is the responsibility of the organizer to follow-up with GTHS to provide promotional materials, request GTHS’ participation on-site etc.

GTHS has the right to decline an offer for a third party fundraising event and/or to withdraw any and all association with the fundraising group if any of the above criteria are not met before, during or after the event.