Feature Volunteer: Alex

January 9, 2018

Alex is one of our amazing student volunteers. Here’s what his nominator and fellow volunteer has to say about Alex:

“Alex started as a Sunday afternoon Shelter Aide to acquire a school credit. When he finished his hours, he continued on when I explained how difficult it was to get Sunday afternoon volunteers. Alex has many outstanding qualities as a volunteer.  He always shows up for shifts, he is very cooperative, fulfils his duties in a cheerful manner and is very adaptable when asked to do a variety of tasks outside his role as a Shelter Aide.  He is respectful to other volunteers and the public. He is an outstanding young man, a credit to our youth.  Alex is gentle and caring towards our cats.  As many of our volunteers it was not long before he and his family adopted not one, but three cats.”  


How long have you been volunteering with the GTHS?

About six months


What is your position here?

Shelter Aide and Private Dining Assistant (Cat Care)


What keeps you coming back?

The love of animals!


What pets do you share your life with?

We have three cats: Mugs, Sapphire, and Maple. All three are from the GTHS.
Are you from Collingwood?

I’ve always lived in Collingwood area.


The GTHS and our cats are so lucky to have Alex as a volunteer!  Thank you Alex!!!