The GTHS Guardian Angel Program

The Guardian Angel Program was established at GTHS to help cover expenses for animals requiring extra medical attention while in our care. As a Guardian Angel, you can help cover the cost of treatment for injuries, illnesses, and long-term abuse or neglect. With your assistance, our Guardian Angel Animals receive the veterinary care they need and overcome these conditions to find loving, forever homes.

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Newest Guardian Angels That Need Your Help


Gilbert was found by a good Samaritan on Monday in the west end of Wasaga Beach. He was all by himself and desperately crying for help. Could he have been left there? We will never know his story. The lady who found him took him home and fed him, but then it was immediately apparent that something was wrong with his front right leg. Yesterday Gilbert was admitted care at the GTHS and has been scheduled for corrective surgery on Thursday May 11th. The surgery and post-op care will be very costly. Gilbert will need pins and external hardware around his leg to ensure he heals properly during his seven weeks of recovery in a GTHS foster home.


Zoe has lived a life of inconsistency, uncertainty and stress. She was being given away (again) on Kijiji for free when she was taken home by a well-meaning single mom with two small children and two cats. Zoe was unspayed and had never been seen by a veterinarian. Once in her new home, the family dynamic changed when a dad, another cat, an unneutered large male dog and a new baby also joined the home. Zoe lived for two years in a state of hyper vigilance and anxiety. Running a busy house, her mom recognized that Zoe craved a quieter home and without any other choices, made the brave decision to surrender her into our care.

Alfredo Needs Your Help!!

When this little dog arrived he was absolutely terrified. Never making eye contact, he would avoid touch at all cost. Despite his fear, little Alfredo would never go to bite. Upon exam from our veterinarians, his story started to become clear. X-rays revealed three pellets lodged in his body, a dislocated tail, an old injury in his tail and spondylosis in his lumbar vertebra likely the result of trauma.