National Cupcake Day 2018: Bake a Difference!

National Cupcake Day is on Monday, February 26 and you’re invited to FUNraise and be the best Cupcake Crusader you can be! Many ways to play:  Hosting a Cupcake Party, Order cupcakes, Come to our Cupcakes, Coffee & Kittens party, or Donate!   Read more...

Behind The Scenes at the GTHS

Watch our latest video for a behind the scenes look at the GTHS, meet some of the people that make it possible and a very special heartwarming story that explains one of the amazing animal rescue projects that the GTHS is involved in.

Feature Volunteer: Vanessa

Vanessa is one of our amazing Treasure Tails volunteers. She works every week at the store greeting and serving customers with a smile, answering questions about the shelter, and keeping the store looking tidy and organized.   Read more about Vanessa.... Learn more...


You may remember seeing this beautiful little ball of fluff on our Facebook page before Christmas. Tinsel was found as an abandoned stray, outside in the cold. She was matted to the bone, thin and very frail. The incredible team at GTHS worked tirelessly to bring this sweet and terribly shy kitten back to health. Once ...


  • Testimonial from Elizabeth

    "The work you and your team undertake is inspiring and so needed. We could never thank you enough for the kindness the GTHS showed to Lily and Boo while they were in your care, I’ll never forget it. One day, I hope, we will make a random drive by and stop in to see the great additions that have been made to your shelter. In the meantime, please give my regards to your wonderful staff. Your alumni Estelle (now Shiloh), who was adopted by my best friend, Christine. Shiloh is in the best of hands, another happy ending that you and the GTHS made possible. Thank YOU!! All the best and a pre-emptive Happy Holidays to you!"


  • Testimonial from Nicole

    "Had a wonderful experience last night adopting our new kitty. The facility is beautiful and the staff/volunteers are wonderful. I had my two young and very excited daughters with me and everyone was so patient with us. We love our kitty and she has settled right into our home. She is so sweet and gentle and was clearly very well taken care of. Thanks for an incredibly positive experience for our family."


  • Testimonial from Carleton

    "As I type this our new addition to our family is sitting with me. I had 4 visits to the GTHS and was very impressed how friendly, knowledgeable and clean the facility was. The paid staff and volunteers know so much about all the cats and there history, I just wanted to take all the cats home. I ended up with my new pal Hermes. when we got home I opened his cage and he stepped out with his tail straight up and fluffed out and toured the entire house . He found his litter box,, food and water dish and 3 hours later its like he has lived here for 4 years. I feel so lucky. Thanks to all the staff and volunteers for finding homes for all these special pets... I feel like I'm the one who got adopted. :)"

    - Carleton